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Curriculum enrichment
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What makes us different?

The well-being of all our employees, customers and the general public is paramount to North Lincolnshire Council. Our priority is to deliver high quality services that enhance the environment we live in.

As such we endeavour to adopt the following behaviour in our everyday service:

Responsible Neighbour

  • We manage the day to day risks associated with our activities and minimise the impact of unforeseen circumstances.
  • We protect the surrounding environment and preserve natural resources.
  • Our culture is focused on the needs of the community, One Council putting our Customers First.

Responsible Service Provider

  • We aim to satisfy our customers by meeting and exceeding their requirements.

  • We maintain close consultation with our customers, partners, employees and all other stakeholders.

  • We fully comply with our regulatory, legislative, contractual and other obligations.

Responsible Employer

  • We actively encourage and support our employees to gain the skills and qualifications that will meet the needs of our business.
  • We safeguard the health and safety of our employees, subcontractors and premises by systematically identifying potential risks and applying the appropriate preventative measures.
  • We develop highly motivated and skilled teams through strong leadership and effective training.

Whilst these statements define the minimum standards we will constantly review them to maximise the effectiveness of our services.

Services to Schools
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Contact details

Please use our Online Enquiry Form for more information and a bespoke quotation.

You can email us or call 01724 297 980

With this website we will offer services to schools, academies, pre-schools, nurseries and colleges.

Its aim is to meet the needs of schools and academies by providing all support services in one place. It summarises which services are available to all schools, whilst at the same time showing those services offered to maintained schools as part of the LA remit, and those that can be purchased by academies. Some of the services we provide will also be of benefit to pre-schools, nurseries and colleges. 

Our starting point is to ask what schools and other education providers need in order to carry out their principal function: to provide the best possible future for the children and young people of North Lincolnshire. As a council, this aim is integral to our ambitions for the area too. That fact, allied to our deep and extensive experience of supporting schools in that common goal, makes us unique in what we can offer. Our services not only aim to give value, they add value – as the council, unlike other providers, has a stake in the area’s young people as the shapers of our shared future.

We have tailored these services according to the distinct needs of schools. We aim to offer high quality, competitively-priced services, delivered by experienced staff, to assist you in improving
outcomes for your pupils.


We provide the full range of traded services, and ensure that you have the right channels through which to access them. We have combined and transformed our Business Management services to make significant investments in our technical infrastructure. So we can now offer you a wider range of services, increased resilience and service capacity. You’ll also have access to a large pool of specialist public sector professionals, while paying fewer management overheads.

We share schools’ determination to offer value for money and excellent service. And we believe we are best placed to meet the financial challenges ahead. We also recognise that the journey and challenges for all public sector organisations has only just started. Whether you are a local authority school or have academy status, you will, like us, need to continue to seek innovations in the delivery of service efficiencies. We are committed to delivering these innovations to ensure that through us, you receive the services you need to
be successful.

We aim to be responsive to your needs and to work in partnership to develop services. We are committed to ensuring high quality services and to providing fast and efficient responses to queries.

The services we offer are grouped according to the main categories of support that schools require:

For each service, we have summarised what we provide, the benefits, prices and contact details.


We aim to put you, our customer, at the heart of all that we do. In order to do this, we are committed to a set of standards which govern every aspect of our work. Those standards cover the following areas:

  1. Using and improving our knowledge of your business

  2. Gathering and responding to your feedback on our services

  3. Ensuring our staff are professional, polite, friendly and responsive

  4. Communicating clearly and appropriately

  5. Monitoring standards and dealing promptly with any problems

For each of the standards above, we make the following promises:

1. Using and improving our knowledge of your business 

We promise to:

  • Use recent and reliable information about each school and its characteristics
  • Tailor our services to each school, based on that knowledge
  • Consult and involve schools in developments to our services, using methods appropriate to each school
  • Use the results of that consultation as an integral part of our service improvement process

2. Gathering and responding to your feedback on our services

We promise to:

  • Regularly measure customer satisfaction with all aspects of our services
  • Base service improvements on analysis of this feedback
  • Set and communicate challenging targets for improving satisfaction with what we do

3. Ensuring our staff are professional, polite, friendly and responsive 

We promise to:

  • Treat all customers fairly
  • Involve our staff in actively improving our service 
  • Ensure that staff have a full understanding of your needs
  • Ensure that staff have relevant professional qualifications

4. Communicating clearly and appropriately

We promise to:

  • Give you complete information about all aspects of our services
  • Be open and transparent about what we will charge
  • Provide timely and appropriate information in a manner that is relevant to you

5. Monitoring standards and dealing promptly with any problems

We promise to:

  • Set, and monitor our performance against, challenging standards for service delivery, including compliance with external quality marks
  • Consult and involve you in reviewing and raising standards
  • Keep you informed at all times of the standards you can expect
  • Identify and explain any shortfalls in meeting our standards
  • Learn from our mistakes, and communicate widely what we have done to improve
  • Operate an easy-to-use and transparent complaints procedure, including clear timescales and remedies

As part of our commitment to responsive, flexible services, we want to provide a fast and efficient response to any queries. We aim to offer dedicated,  contact staff in a customer service role.

or use our
Online Enquiry Form

email us

Simply call us
01724 297 980



Schools can contact the Services to Schools team to discuss their requirements for services and also to discuss suggestions for developments or raise any concerns. The team will hold regular meetings with the service lead officers and seek to consult with school representatives.

We want to ensure greater clarity and consistency over the range of services you need. So we have simplified pricing, and will aim to ensure that terms and conditions are the same for all services. You can choose:

  • For most services, to sign up for a fixed period, or

  • For a limited range of services, buy in services as you need them.

In either case, the price you pay will be either:

  • Based on a unit cost, usually in proportion to the number of pupils, or

  • A fee agreed between your school and the council.


All services to schools will be subject to contract. We will, as before, offer some of the services outlined in this brochure free of charge, where they fulfil one of the council’s wider or statutory duties, in line with the council’s commitment to supporting schools as part of the community.

All prices quoted exclude VAT. VAT will be added for academies as appropriate. Academies will also be charged, where applicable, any additional Professional Indemnity Insurance Premium.

“We are delighted to access this Local Authority provision. It not only reinforces our 'Healthy schools' approach, but also provides children with a life skill allowing them to safely make the most of water activities.” Primary Head Teacher

"'The schools HR team consistently demonstrate in depth knowledge and experience of the issues facing schools locally, and can always be relied on to provide a helpful and reliable service” Special School Head Teacher


"The staff at the Pods meet all the children's needs both individually and in groups. Many of our children have never been swimming before and some are already confident in water and swimming without floats. The swimming coaches have encouraged, supported and inspired our children.”
Junior School Business Manager

"We liked the practical, hands-on nature of the workshop. A very enjoyable experience for the adults and children." Junior School on 'History Detectives'
KS2 workshop at Normanby Hall Country Park