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Social bookmarking

What is social bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is a method for our visitors to share, organise, search, and manage links to our website.

You need to be registered with the social bookmarking websites to be able to save a page.

Where applicable links to social bookmarking on our website will look like this:

Social bookmarking

Why we use social bookmarking

Social bookmarking allows our visitors to share content from the council's website to their friends and family using their own social media accounts e.g. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

How do I use social bookmarking?

Wherever you see the social bookmarking or ShareThis icons on our website you will be able to promote that webpage to your friends and family by simply selecting the service you want, for example selecting the Facebook icon will create a post on your Facebook account which will then be visible to your friends list.

Please note: To be able to publish to a social bookmarking service you will need to create an account with that service.

Need help signing up?