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Search engine

What is a search engine?

Our sites search engine which is provided by Google and is designed to search for information from within the council's website and then display a list of possible results.  Up to 10 results will be displayed at any one time with the most relevant pages being displayed nearer the top of the list.

The search can be accessed in the top right on the majority of our pages and looks like this:


Why we use a search engine

As the council's website has approximately 10,000 individual pages covering a wide area of topics it's important that visitors are given the option to use a search engine to enable them to find relevant content quickly.

How do I use the search engine?

Searching is simple, just type whatever you're looking for in to the search box and click the Search button.  The search engine will then search the entire website for content that's relevant to your search.

Improving the search results

Keep it simple - Try and simplify your search terms by using as little words as possible, for example using "bus routes" instead of "bus times from Scunthorpe to Brigg on a Wednesday afternoon" is likely to return a more helpful set of results.

Think how the page you are looking for might be written - for example use "bin collection dates" instead of "when will by bin be collected?"

Use the in-search help - If any word in your search term has been misspelled or a better the search engine knows of a better word to use you will be prompted with the following message "Did you mean: library?".  Simply select the link displayed to automatically search for the new term.