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Your right to information on council decisions

People have certain rights to information on council decisions. These rights are set out in the Local Government Act and in the law on access to information.

But we have to go further than simply satisfying those rights. Under the new system, local people have a right to know:

  • who is going to make a key decision
  • when and how local people can make representations about that decision
  • what background papers are available for inspection
  • details of the decision(s) taken

When it is making key decisions, the cabinet must meet in public. Copies of the agenda and every report are publicly available. The exceptions are reports discussed during the part of the meeting that is not open to the public. This is usually because they contain confidential personal information.

Agendas, reports (except exempt ones) and minutes for each meeting are available for the public to see at Civic Centre in Scunthorpe, at the public libraries in Barton, Brigg, Crowle and Scunthorpe and at all Local Link offices. Agendas for meetings are available five or more clear working days before meetings and are also on the council’s web site.

The council is keen to ensure that its decisions are open and transparent and that the public has a chance to influence decisions.

Copies of minutes of meetings of the council, cabinet and cabinet members and its committees are also available online. Currently we are only able to provide copies of minutes for those meetings taking place after April 1999.

Details of council decisions currently under consideration are also on the council's website.

Council minutes index

A complete archive of the agendas, reports and minutes of meetings of North Lincolnshire Council (as well as those of the previous councils responsible for local government in the North Lincolnshire area) is available in the Reference Library at Scunthorpe Central Library.

For further information please contact Richard Mell (Service Manager : Democracy) on 01724 296230 or by email at Richard.mell@northlincs.gov.uk