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Democratic Services

The Democratic Services team manages many of the council's activities in relation to the council and decision making. These include:

  • Arranging all council meetings
  • Publicising all council meetings
  • Publicly distributing council reports, agendas and minutes
  • Notifying officers of decisions made at meetings
  • Enforcing any decisions made
  • Maintaining statutory registers
  • Managing with the Monitoring Officer the council's standards arrangements 

The team also manages school admission and exclusion panels. These are made up of independent lay members. It also provides support to the Town and Parish Council Liaison process. 

The work of the team also involves the political group offices. These offices give secretarial support for the councillors. The elections section, which prepares the Register of Electors and organises all elections is also part of democratic services.

For more information on the work of Democratic Services contact:

Richard Mell (Service Manager : Democracy)
Tel: 01724 296230
Email: Richard.mell@northlincs.gov.uk