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Key Decisions

In accordance with Local Authorities (Executive Arrangements) (Meetings and Access to Information) (England) Regulations 2012 the Council now has a requirement to give at least 28 clear days notice before a key decision is to be taken. 

A key decision is an executive decision that is likely to:

  • result in the Council incurring expenditure or the making of savings (including the receipt or loss of income) over £350,000 in any one financial year. 
  • Have significant effects on communities living or working in an area comprising of two or more electoral wards or electoral divisions in the area of the local authority.

The government has not defined the term 'significant'. Each council is free to make its own arrangements for decisions within the definition of a 'key decision'. 

Key decisions can be made by, or on behalf of, the council by:

  • The Cabinet
  • An individual Cabinet Member
  • An officer of the council
  • A committee of the Cabinet.

The council must publish a public notice at least 28 clear days before a key decision is to be taken.

Public Notice - Proposed Sale - Commercial Land (UPRN 100050204246)

Public Notice - Proposed Sale - Commercial Land (UPRN 10091171915)

Public Notice - North Lincolnshire Council Plan 2018/19

Public Notice - Disposal of Commercial Land

Public Notice - Transforming Transport - CallConnect and Subsidised Bus Services

Public Notice - Procurement of a concession at Normanby Hall

Public Notice - Concessionary Fares 2018/19 - Publication of Final Scheme

Public Notice - Procurement of Human Resources, Payroll and Finance Management System

Public Notice - Residual Municipal Waste Treatment - Contract Award

Public Notice - Concessionary Fares Reimbursement 2015/16

Public Notice - Highways Local Transport Plan Programme of Works 2015-16

Public Notice - Transformation and Shared Services

Public Notice - Finance and Performance Outturn 2014/2015 and Budget Review 2015/2016

Public Notice - Adapted Accommodation Pilot

Public Notice - 2015 Contracted Bus Services - contract renewal

Public Notice - Public Transport: Contracted Bus Services 

Public Notice - Concessionary Fare Reimbursement 2016/17

Public Notice - Review of the Home Assistance Policy

Public Notice - Subsidised Bus Routes

Public Notice - Voluntary and Community Sector Funding

Public Notice - Local Flood Risk Management Strategy

Public Notice - Highways Programme of Works 2016/17

Public Notice - Concessionary Fare Reimbursement Scheme 2016/17

Public Notice - Proposed Changes to Employee Terms and Conditions

Public Notice - Greater Lincolnshire Devolution Proposal  

Public Notice - Review of future arrangements for Waste Services

Public Notice - Assessment of the Scunthorpe PM10 Air Quality Management Area 2016

Public Notice - Concessionary Fare Reimbursement 2017/18 Draft Scheme 

Public Notice - Greater Lincolnshire Devolution Proposal

Public Notice - Assessment of East Halton Flood Defence Improvement Scheme 

Public Notice - Concessionary Fares Scheme 2017 - 2018

Public Notice - Local Transport Plan Highways Programme of Works 2017-18

Public Notice - Concessionary Fares Reimbursement Scheme 2017/18

Public Notice - Healthy Child Programme 0-19 Years 

Public Notice - Gauge Enhancement

Public Notice - Reprocurement of Insurance Cover

Public Notice - Establishment of Transport for the North as a Sub-National Transport Body

Public Notice - Proposed Acquisition - Vale Farm, Broughton 

Public Notice - Recommissioning of Substance Misuse Services

Public Notice - Contract award - Residual Municipal Waste Treatment

Public Notice - Tender for Home Care Framework

Public Notice - Approval for Revocation of Santon Air Quality Management Area and Amendment of Scunthorpe Air Quality Management Area

Public Notice - Proposed Sale - land off Roman Way, Scunthorpe

Public Notice - Healthwatch North Lincolnshire Contract

Public Notice - Acquisition of commercial property

After decisions are taken

Once a decision has been made, the council will publish a record of the decision within two working days.  A decision can be implemented after the publication of the decision unless it is 'called in' by scrutiny.  If a decision is called in it is put on hold pending consideration by a scrutiny panel.  The decisions again will be available for inspection along with the report or reports that were presented to councillors when making the decisions. Decisions are also published on this website.

This applies to all decisions made by the council, not only those 'key' ones listed in a forward plan.

In certain cases, though the decisions will be recorded for you to see, the report itself will not be available if it is classified as confidential. But this will only be in a minority of cases.