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The council's constitution

The Local Government Act 2000 says all councils must publish a constitution. This formal document sets out how the council operates and how it makes decisions. The constitution says what the council must do to make decisions efficiently, transparently and accountably.

North Lincolnshire Council adopted its constitution on 21 April 2001. It includes:

  • Arrangements for council meetings
  • Arrangements for executive decision-making
  • Arrangements for scrutiny and overview of decisions
  • The role and remit of various committees including the standards committee
  • The code of conduct for members
  • Rules governing finance, contractual and legal matters

Due to changes in regulations and working practices, the council's constitution has been amended on a number of occasions since it was first published.

A complete copy of the council's constitution is available to download and print. This is a completely up to date version as at May 2018 and takes into account various changes over the last few months.  It is in PDF format and therefore requires a suitable reader to view it. The reader can be downloaded free from the Adobe website (full instructions for doing this are provided on the website).

North Lincolnshire Council Constitution 

For further information please contact Richard Mell (Service Manager : Democracy) on 01724 296230 or email Richard.mell@northlincs.gov.uk