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Involvement in the budget setting process

The council has to spend vast amounts on major services. On some, like education and social services, it has little discretion over how much money goes into them. This means tough decisions for the council when setting its budget. It has already cut the cost of running services as much as it can. So extra spending for one service has to be financed by savings elsewhere.

When deciding where to target the council’s limited budgets on services, it is vital to know what matters most to local residents. The council involves them in the budget setting process each year by asking them where they think the money should go. It does this by putting a survey in Direct magazine and on this website, and running focus groups with local residents of all ages.

The council sets its budget in February for the coming financial year. It carries out consultation between December and February.

If you would like to get involved in focus groups run by the council please fill in our feedback form or telephone 01724 296344.

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