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North Lincolnshire Council
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How we work and our priorities

The advantages of having just one council providing all services are evident everywhere. Imaginative projects are making North Lincolnshire an even better place to live, work and visit.

The council constantly seeks partnerships with local communities, businesses, other public bodies and the Government. It sees this as the most positive way that a modern council can innovate, provide good value and respond to local needs.

The council's structure is all about customers. One council - putting our customers first. Our aim is always the same: to respond to people’s needs and priorities.

Our democratic structures are open, transparent and accessible. We make decisions quickly, based on wide consultation. Scrutiny and standards committees provide checks and balances, ensuring that local people always come first.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a dynamic, high performing customer focused council which gives the best possible value for money and focuses on really changing outcomes for people living and working in the area.

We have identified four priorities that will guide our work the coming four years (2012 - 2016)

  • Excellence in customer service

  • Provide value for taxpayers’ money

  • Make our communities stronger

  • Regenerate our area and increase prosperity.

To support the vision and priorities we have developed three  guiding principles which will help us concentrate our activities and refocus the organisation to respond to the challenges ahead.

We will:

  • Spend only on core services and locally agreed priorities

  • Function in a team environment and the senior management will be designed to provide high quality efficient and effective value for money services

  • Work to improve the health and well being of the residents of all of North Lincolnshire.

We must deliver these priorities fairly, responsively and responsibly so we focus on:

Customers & Communities

We do not work in isolation. Our customers – the people for whom we provide services – ultimately drive all our work. It may seem obvious, but we must plan services for our customers’ benefit, not our own. We target those services at times and places where they are most needed. We listen to what people say, and change where necessary.

The council knows that it can build a better future only in partnership. As well as working closely with our customers we also enage with providers and other organisations, making use of experience, skills and capabilites delivering what matters most to our citizens.


The council is here to represent and serve local people. So it must maintain the highest standards in decision-making and responding to concerns. We do this by making sure nobody is excluded. That way, we can promote involvement by all who want to participate.


We also know that we’ll never give our customers the best unless we have committed staff. We actively seek ways to give our people a clear sense of their roles. They feel valued. And they know that the council responds to their concerns and provides an environment where they can do their best.

Value for money

Local government is always under financial pressure. Not only must we keep costs down. We must continue to raise standards too. The two are not mutually exclusive. We have shown that we can cut costs while making services better. We will keep doing it. Only by proving that we offer high quality, yet efficient services can we build public support for our future plans.